SORRY , NO POST, Been working on my youtube channel. please subscribe

SORRY , NO POST, Been working on my youtube channel. please subscribe.

Please join my youtube channel, i will post videos daily, on how to prepare food, while staying on a budget, please share public as well.

There is no point in giving people food, if they have no idea, how to cook it, or store it, and portion control, we get people eating and feeding there kids, by education. PLEASE subscribe my YouTube, please share this all, i need views.

social media links. instagram tiktok youtube, monthly prize for one youtube subscriber, to my channel, this month is rice cooker, june is air fryer.

Please share my Social Media and This website,


Raymond Duggan

18A Kennedy Way


DN40 2AE

TEL: 07391116939

Food Donations can be sent here, but will need to call for entry. It is controlled entry system.

I will then use on YouTube channel, and pass what i do not use, to local families, or local food banks.

My YouTube, due to covid and restrictions on travel worldwide still, will be about food and home help.

You can still use all active links for booking hotels, just may have to book local for now,